Our Story

After eight years of ministry with the Navigators and eight years as a pastor in California, Dan Finnegan returned to Colorado to work with New Life Church. In 1999, New Life sent Dan to Mountain Springs Church (MSC) to gain further pastoral experience as their Outreach Pastor.

After two years at MSC, God gave passion and direction to Dan and his wife, Cheri, to start a local church, and in May of 2002, Dan and Cheri began meeting in their basement with a handful of families. That summer, in honor of the two churches (Mountain Springs Church and New Life Church) that helped to launch this new church, Dan and Cheri named the church “Springs of Life.”

In September of 2002, Pastor Steve Holt, senior pastor of MSC publicly blessed SLC and sent Dan and Cheri out to begin the church.

Early in 2005, God directed the church body to begin looking for a new location. Since the start of the church, they met first in a middle school and then in the basement of a local ministry. On August 4th, 2005, God entrusted them to be the owners of a property located in central Colorado Springs. Springs of Life Church is part of the WSMI Network of Ministries.

In 2006, God began an amazing work at Springs of Life Church, the start of the Children’s Center. We began seeking God on his plans for Central Colorado Springs and He said start a Children’s Center! It began slow, then took off and numbers increased to over 200 children. Springs of Life Church started an AWANAs program in 2010 to impact these children for Christ and blessings in the church and kids life has changed dramatically. On any Wednesday night 100 or more children participate in AWANAs, most of whom do not go to church and this is the only access they have to the Gospel. Springs of Life Church also launched it’s first overnight church camp for children in the community in 2011. 45 children attended the life changing event.

By waiting for God’s direction, Springs of Life Church now is a community changer. The premises are filled with children and parents Monday-Friday and many single parents, children, and hurting families are supported, prayed for, loved. God has turned Springs of Life Church into a truly missional church.